Athletic performance is impacted by all facets of life; personal, professional, emotional, and nutritional — as well as athletic ability and time available to train. Every athlete struggles to manage these, and this is where a coach can help.  A coach takes the guesswork out of training by creating workout and nutritional programs based on individual performance metrics.

Workout Plans and Elite Coaching for:



Meg is passionate about cycling. As one of the most accessible recreational activities, truly anyone can ride a bike. Whether you ride for general fitness or elite competition, Megan can build a training program that is proven to help you reach your personal podium spot.

(USA Cycling Level 1 Coach Certified)




It’s hard to train for one–let alone three sports–at a time. With FIVE Triathlon World Championships to her name and a background in sports medicine, Meg will use her professional and academic experience to help you juggle the demands of your triathlon training.


Strength and Conditioning


Gravity never sleeps! Strength and fitness conditioning make daily living easier as well as enable us to perform at our best when it counts. In close communication Meg works with athletes to create a customized plan to help achieve and surpass goals. 




Endurance sports demand a lot from your body.  For an athlete to reach their potential during a grueling event, they require refined coaching in strength, nutrition, mental toughness and physical conditioning. Meg will use her years of experience as an elite endurance athlete to help you reach your personal best.




Do we get the daily movement our bodies need? Research has proven that sitting is as detrimental to health as smoking. Mobility exercises will help you undo what the daily grind does to your body and help you achieve the flexibility that allows you to be a resilient human and athlete.


Longevity / Aging Populations


We all want to slow the aging process. Movement is the key! To help active and less active individuals maintain and improve their mobility, Megan offers focused exercises that promote balance, strength, and fall prevention. Let’s prevent surgery and maintain your independence together.

“Years of training, competition, and success at the highest level of sport give me the expertise to help you reach your goals- whether it be general fitness and flexibility, weight loss, or to win your next race.” - Meg Fisher


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If you’re interested in scheduling a one-on-one or small group ride, contact Megan today. Improve your riding skills with training tips from the Paralympic Athlete!

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